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YouTube Comments: A Sampling

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Hellboy, by Dan Oles

Hellboy, by Dan Oles

(Fake) The Return of American McGee’s Alice

“I do love your Alice trailers - all your trailers really but mostly the Alice ones. You come up with great concepts for games and movies in their descriptions, which I love reading as well as watching the videos. If only Hollywood would make films like your ideas. Keep up the good work, Blood!”

(Fake) Ghostbuster Trailer

“Who you gonna Call? Bloodrunsclear! Awesomeness! Plain and simple. Fantastic.”

(Fake) Trek Wars Movie Trailer

OMG....You could start a crossover revolution! I bet that would make some money....Why not pit the two franchises against each other? In the end it’ll mean double the toys and double the promotional items and events....
P.S. Keep on making me dream the movie industry has a future filled with originality someday before I die.

(Fake) Dreamkiller Trailer

“That was my favorite....Love the Hollywood undead, fit great and just daaaang it was crazy good dude. luv ur vids.”

(Fake) The Thing Remake Movie Trailer

“That, that was just whoa. sooo excellent.”
“Fantastic! This is possibly your best trailer yet. The way you had the characters and also the music and the voiceover was phenomenal. I praise you, sir. Truly an incredible work. I especially liked when you put in the voice: who goes there? because that was the original title of the short story. Excellent job, my friend. The only thing I was looking for was a Kurt Russell cameo at the end but whatever. It was epic. Nice job and keep up the brilliant work.”

Not Anime: a Tribute to other Animation

“I think that all forms of animation are profound, moving, and beautiful in their own ways. The trick is to make the artwork flow with the storyline. Do that, and you've got true magic; no matter where it's from.”

Diablo movie trailer (fake)

“Oh. My. God. That was freaking awesome! I love it! I have to see that movie! (Yes, I know its a fake trailer.)”
“goodness!! awesome!! man i hope one day they make a movie based on the Diablo-game franchise. Btw....u might wana consider a career in movie making =)”

Infamous Movie Trailer (fake)

“You've got talent man. Love your style. You've got a great feel for both the Infamous and Prototype trailers. A subscription and 5 star rating well earned man! Good luck with your future stuff!”

Silent Hill Tales TV Show Trailer (fake)

“Kickass trailer....Using both live action and cut-scenes from the games was brilliant. You used just enough actual game footage to connect to the source, but not have us notice the discrepancy. Well done.”

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