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Revenge for Oz: the Gnome King

Revenge for Oz: The Gnome King,
by Dan Oles


Dan Oles is a storyteller. His efforts as a film editor, graphic artist, and screenwriter have already won him the respect of thousands of strangers. This year he took the first steps toward turning his pastime into a profession by creating video pitches for Zoic Studios in Culver City, California.

The most public showcase for Dan’s skills is his YouTube channel, Bloodrunsclear, which currently boasts 1,430 subscribers with over 77,000 channel views. His two most-watched videos have attracted half a million hits. Gamers and film buffs have given Dan’s efforts rave reviews and five-star ratings.

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Dan’s work can also be found under the alias Vorpalblade at, where nearly 34,000 users have watched his short films and trailers. Ninety-nine percent of those who rated his work have given it thumbs up.

Dan’s broad fan base has found him without the benefit of any professional film studio’s publicity machine because fans resonate with Dan’s mission: to put the stories back in film. Dan is a tireless writer of stories as well as a critic and consultant for the stories of others.

Huntress, by Dan Oles

Huntress, by Dan Oles

Dan’s background includes a grounding in classic literature and cinema, so he brings a broad experience in myth, legend and fantasy to his work. He is able to criticize contemporary film but remains focused and idealistic in an age dominated by distraction and cynicism.

Dan’s view about contemporary fantasy film writing can be summed up as follows, “Rarely is the time and effort expended to create the back story, atmosphere, and nuance in independent films that would increase their shelf lives and make them stand out as rich and transcendent stories that audiences remember and want to see again.”

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